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Hello my lovely friends and followers! As always I had such a hard time to choose which book I was going to feature this month, as I do every month, really though how can I whittle it down to just one? A little secret too; this was the book that brought me back to loving Historical Romance. So, a few little clues as to what the book is; It is apart of a series.

The series which this book is apart of is stunning, this authors work just blows the mind, I have so much admiration and respect for her. She is a genuinely lovely woman who has the most amazing imagination.

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The book is from one of my favourite series, really this series is just too damn good. The book can be read so easily as a stand-a-lone and it is my absolute favourite in the series — I hope you all will love it as much as I do.

I love everything about this book, it has a brilliant storyline which will grab your attention and your imagination. The details are so stunning and accurate that it will transport you from your cushy armchair to dangerous, vivid and sweeping lands full of hot blooded men and feisty women.

This particular heroine has a penchant for bows and arrows. This will make you weep and swoon and fall head over heals in love again and again. In fact I love this book so much I even named a hamster after the hero. But, what book am I talking about? Ok, I will put you out of your misery…. In private, these warriors would risk their lives for king and country.

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His brother warriors fear the Earl of Westwood has turned traitor, but Emily Harper knows this is impossible for the man she has loved since childhood. Forced into close quarters, their long-suppressed desire explodes into all-consuming passion. Emily knows her love can save him. This is how a Historical Romance series is written, Gaelen Foley has a real gift at transporting the reader to her glittery, but dangerous Regency world.

The Inferno Club follows the adventures of seven men who are apart of a secret organisation, they call themselves The Order of St. Each man has his own story and personal history, each has issues whether that is trust, fragility, or ghosts from the past each one is hurting, but they go about their duty until each of the agents finds themselves rescued by seven women who are forces to be reckoned with.

Seven incredible stories that are beautifully written and immersed with real warmth, perfectly romantic, intelligently witty and incredibly memorable. While continuing to entertain her Regency fans, she has branched out into contemporary small-town romance as well as fantasy romance. Hello everyone! Am I excited about this book or what? I am a massive fan of Gaelen Foley, her writing is amazing and this…well, this is beyond words amazing! A heartbroken belle.

A missing suitor. A heroic duke in disguise. Unmask Duke of Shadows and let the highwayman-duke steal your heart! England, Lady Portia Tennesley has always dreamed of marrying for love.

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Lucas Wakeford, the Duke of Fountainhurst, leads a double life that leaves him little time for romance. After his parents died at the hands of brigands as a lad, he found his true passion in standing up for the powerless as his masked alter ego, the heroic highwayman, Silversmoke.

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As the duke, however—his charade as a scholarly quiz aside—Luke knows he must eventually marry. Besides, having a wife around could help him blend in with his fellow noblemen. Elegant and highborn Lady Portia Tennesley seems perfect for the sort of duchess Luke needs. Duke of Shadows is the fourth standalone novel in the Moonlight Square regency historical romance series. Buy Duke of Shadows to unmask a sexy, swashbuckling historical romance today! Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! I am completely lost for words at the brilliance of this, honestly there are no t enough words for just how amazing this book is.

It has all the ingredients that we all look for in a Gaelen Foley book; gorgeous and engaging characters who grab your heart as soon as meeting them, thrilling and page-turning plot that will have your heart in your throat and sitting at the very edge of your seat, plus stunning historical deta il that weaves throughout the flawless story with such ease add to all of this that magical Gaelen Foley touch and you have the perfect book.

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So, I will be eternally thankful for Gaelen Foley for that. T hat first chapter, Oh my goodness!! What a start, it grabs the attention within a few short words, you are completely hooked right to the last page. Yes, you guessed it our eccentric Duke has a secret — a big one, he is iving not just a double life, but he has three personas.

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Himself; Luke, the Duke; Lucas and Silversmoke. The reason why Luke has taken up the mask is heart-breaking, when Luke reveals all of his heart about the circumstances that has put him where he is, I wanted to jump into Moonlight Square and hug him for dear life.

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  • Luke, Luke, Luke!!! Be still my beating heart, he is a wonder. Double Swoon!! Talk about sexy! No, I am not at all jealous of Portia, not one bit! But, as you may have guessed there is so much more then meets the eye, but let me say that when all pieces of the jigsaw fall into place y ou will not be disappointed , this is stonking great story!

    I love the relationship between Luke and Portia, its complex, seductive, the chemistry is tantalizing, those heated glances and the gentle touches are just gorgeous. I so love these two, they maybe one my favourite couples of the year. T his is just too damn good!! It beautifully written by a hugely talented author who truly knows her craft, she is a master at historical romances with edge.

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